British Commentator On Trump Protesters: “THEY’RE ALWAYS JOLLY UNWASHED” (VIDEO)

Katie Hopkins is a British columnist who says what she thinks. And what she thinks is usually right.

She said Trump would win months before the election. And, she heroically took on CNN, calling them the “Clinton News Network” while on air at CNN.


Now, she has turned her attention on the protesters outside Trump Tower.

She wonders why they can’t take a shower. Why they have “lame little placards.” And why they need safe spaces to discuss things.

Watch (via Varney & Co.)

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KT Hopkins: “I can’t stand a protester on the best of days. They’re always jolly unwashed. None of them can ever have a shower. I don’t know why protesting correlates with not being able to use a bathroom. But it always does. They have these lame little placards. And on their placards, they just turn it round and put something different depending on what they’re protesting about that week.

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Whenever I go onto a university campus, I take boxes of tissues with me so I hand them out to dry their tears as I go. Because I’m even daring to walk on their campus. The fact that they need a safe space to discuss things. They want them to take down the Trump-Pence campaign logo because it offends their sensibilities? I mean – for goodness sakes – get over yourself! What kind of generations are we bringing up here that can’t handle campaign posters?”

Good question!

What kind of generation is this that kind handle campaign posters?

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