British News Outlet Asks: Did Trump “Forget” To Bow To The Queen?

The British press must be very used to Obama’s habit of bowing to other world leaders. It’s not something Donald Trump does and the American people like it that way. That’s why we were so surprised when we saw this tweet from the Telegraph UK:

The Daily Mail also had a meltdown:

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One is not amused! Trump breaks protocol during Royal visit as he keeps Queen waiting 12 minutes and walks in front of her…causing her to shoo him out the way

Donald Trump has sparked online criticism for his ‘disrespectful’ failure to follow royal protocol when he met the Queen on Friday.

The president was late for his first meeting the 92-year-old monarch who was waiting at Windsor Castle for between 12 and 15 minutes in the 80 degree F heat when he was late for their meeting on Friday.

The Queen can be seen in the footage checking her watch as she waited for the President and his First Lady.

And when the first couple’s black Range Rover did finally pull up to Windsor Castle, Trump almost immediately breached rigid royal protocol.

Does anyone in the British press remember the American Revolution? We respect the queen but we don’t bow and we’re not running to the fainting couch over breaches of protocol.

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