British Trump Supporter Pops Anti-Trump Balloon At Protest (VIDEO)

Anti-Trump protesters, who are mostly tourists as it turns out, were flying anti-Trump balloons during the president’s visit with the queen there, until someone popped their balloon.

Townhall reports:

Give This Woman A Medal: Pro-Trump Supporter Bursts ‘Baby Trump’ Protest Balloon; UPDATE: It’s Mostly Tourists Protesting

Okay, okay, maybe I was a bit too harsh by calling the anti-Trump British protestors eurotrash because we have one woman who deserves a medal for what she did—and she captured it all. We all know the UK isn’t happy that President Trump is in Britain. London Mayor Sadiq Khan didn’t want the “red carpet” to be rolled out, despite state visits being offered to leaders who were actually dictators in times past.

More from the Associated Press:

Thousands of protesters greeted President Donald Trump’s U.K. visit with anger and British irony Tuesday, crowding London’s government district while the U.S. leader met Prime Minister Theresa May nearby.

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Feminists, environmentalists, peace activists, trade unionists and others demonstrated against the lavish royal welcome being given to a president they see as a danger to the world, chanting “Say it loud, say it clear, Donald Trump’s not welcome here.”

“I’m very cross he’s here,” said guitar teacher Katie Greene, carrying a home-made sign reading “keep your grabby hands off our national treasures” under a picture of one of Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis.

Not everyone saw the humor in this.

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Real Clear Politics reported:

A British Trump supporter who goes by the name “Based Amy” livestreamed herself taking a pair of scissors to the “Trump Baby” balloon that protesters were flying in London’s Hyde Park to mock the president during his state visit to the U.K. She was subsequently arrested by London police.

See this video:

And this one:

Here’s the deflated balloon:

Aww. Poor leftists. Someone popped their balloon.


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