Broke DNC Still Handing Tons Of Cash To Hillary Clinton For Donor Lists And A Speech

The Democratic National Committee has had an awful year for fundraising. Yet for some reason, they keep paying gobs of cash to twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. They just can’t quit her.

Townhall reports:

Vampire Hillary Set To Suck $1 Million From DNC At Party Fundraiser

As we’ve mentioned before, the Clintons need to get paid. They just have to get paid for all the good they have brought to the Democratic Party over the past couple of years—and by good, I mean a total election defeat in 2016 and the fracturing of the party. There’s a civil war occurring within the party. The establishment wing and the ascendant progressive wing that has found their hero in Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who isn’t even a Democrat. The far left had huge wins Tuesday night. Yet, even with the party reeling from their 2016 wounds—wounds Hillary had a hand in inflicting with her shoddy campaign—the lady needs that dough.

The Democratic National Committee is in dire financial shape. It’s millions in debt, with the committee taking out a near $2 million loan to keep the lights on. Yet, Vampire Hillary has decided that for them to use her email and data lists, the DNC would have to fork over around $2 million for access. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has forked over $700,000 to use the lists. Some Democrats have wanted Hillary to retroactively donate the material, but that will never happen…

Now, Hillary is going to deliver a speech at a DNC fundraiser…for $1 million…

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Isn’t this like flushing money down the toilet? How does it even help the Democrats to do this?


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