BRUTAL! Here Are All The Times Democrats Said Obamacare Premiums Wouldn’t Go Up

Someone collected all the tweets from Democrats saying Obamacare premiums wouldn’t go up.

Some favorites: “Barack Obama: ‘The stakes are enormous – if we don’t get this done, your premiums are guaranteed to go up.’ 12/15/2009”

“Media Matters: ‘Right-wing media falsely claims that health care reform will increase premiums.’ 2/25/2010”

And then, they realized they were wrong. So Democrats shifted. They said premiums didn’t matter.

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Via Austin Petersen:


For the record, here are how much premiums are rising this year (via Business Insider):


Enormous increases in Obamacare premiums. 

For everyone. In every state.


When will Democrats apologize for being so, so wrong? When will Democrats take responsibility for their failure?

Here’s the best takedown of Obamacare we’ve seen. It’s 30 seconds long. And worth watching:

He’s right!

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