BUSTED! NBC Caught Using Biden Supporters As ‘Undecided Voters’ At Town Hall Event (VIDEO)

NBC News held a town hall event for Joe Biden this week which featured questions from supposedly undecided voters.

There was just one little problem.

The same people had been featured previously on MSNBC as Joe Biden voters.

Is anyone surprised?

FOX News reported:

‘Undecided voters’ at NBC’s Biden town hall were featured on MSNBC as Biden voters

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NBC News has come under fire after a new report suggests that so-called “undecided voters” who participated in Monday’s Joe Biden town hall are actually supporters of the Democratic nominee.

The town hall, which aired on NBC and MSNBC, was heavily criticized for the lack of challenging questions for the former vice president — with critics calling the televised event a “Biden infomercial.”

On Tuesday, a report by the Washington Free Beacon indicates that several of the participants were, in fact, not “undecided voters.”

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“NBC’s town hall with Joe Biden & ‘undecided voters’ in Miami didn’t seem to have undecided voters,” Politico reporter Marc Caputo reacted.

Two of the attendees, one of whom moderator Lester Holt identified as a Hillary Clinton voter who had “voted Republican in the past,” appeared on MSNBC back in August and were both identified by the network as Biden voters.

“If we get four more years of Trump, good luck. And good luck with the future attracting younger voters,” Florida voter Peter Gonzalez said during an Aug. 21 program.

See the video below:

The media and the Democrats have made it clear that they will do anything to defeat Trump in November, so this is just to be expected.

The media is no longer ‘the media’ at all.

They are the propaganda arm of the Democratic party.


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