BWAHAHAHA! Hillary Aides Blame UNFAIR MEDIA For Her Loss

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The media bent over backwards to try to get Hillary elected. You know it. They know it. The Hillary campaign doesn’t know it.

The press was openly hostile to Donald Trump. They couldn’t possibly have been any nicer to Hillary. They acted like they were part of her campaign!

The Hill reported:

Clinton aides blame FBI director, media for devastating loss

Top aides to Hillary Clinton are blaming FBI Director James Comey and the media for the Democrat’s devastating loss in the presidential election.

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, communications director Jennifer Palmieri and other Clinton aides sought to provide explanations during a private conference call Thursday with supporters of the Democratic nominee for a loss that to many came out of nowhere.

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They were pressed on the call for answers and insight from supporters stung by the surprise loss.

Here’s the funny part. Are you ready for this?

Aides also blamed the media for the loss.

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“The media always covered her as the person who would be president and therefore tried to eviscerate her before the election, but covered Trump who was someone who was entertaining and sort of gave him a pass,” Podesta said. “We need to reflect and analyze that and put our voices forward.”

Trump during the campaign frequently criticized the media for being too hard on him.

Podesta, whose hacked emails were released by WikiLeaks over the campaign’s final stretch, said top Clinton aides will argue that the press created a “false moral equivalency” in its coverage of Clinton and Trump.

The campaign chairman blamed the press for “the dominance of the way they covered the email” controversy, saying it overlooked “the conflicts of Trump’s businesses, the Russian contacts we are now learning to be true, the failure of the press following the 3-page leak to the New York Times to really dig into the income tax question.”

That is nothing more than denial.

After all, CNN did all they could for Hillary, as they said:

They simply can’t admit to themselves that she was a terrible candidate.

And that Trump was a better one.


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