By Placing Focus On Baltimore, Trump Is Forcing Democrats To Defend Their Failed Policies

Trump’s recent battle with Democrats over Baltimore is being decried by Democrats and the media as nothing but racism, but that’s just an excuse they’re using to deflect from the real issue.

Trump is forcing Democrats to defend the policies which have led to the destruction and poverty in Baltimore and other cities that Democrats have controlled for generations.

From the American Thinker:

Baltimore Ambush: Trump forces Democrats to defend the indefensible, again

President Trump has done it again.

Just as he forced Democrats to defend the far-left ‘Squad’ in his unexpected ambush on Rep. Ilhan Omar and her pals, he’s now forcing Democrats to own the urban shambles and filth that characterize one-party blue-city rule, putting all Democrats on their backfoot. That’s what’s behind his surprise Twitter assault that began with Rep. Elijah Cummings and his rat-infested Baltimore district, which pretty much came out of the blue…

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What’s he doing? Forcing a new narrative as election time kicks in, making Democrats have to address the reality that they have been in power for decades in one-party blue districts and cities, and they have left those districts smoking ruins, rat-infested hellholes, “places no human being would want to live,” complete with live-action shots. The video of the Baltimore resident decrying the Democratic area’s neglect is absolutely deadly…

How are Democrats going to defend themselves from this one? In one-party blue cities, states and districts, there’s no one to blame but themselves. Trump’s tactic is particularly ripe for propagation in solid-blue, shambling expensive California and already Trump is moving his attack onto Pelosi with his latest tweets.

Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA just visited Baltimore to look for himself. You’ll be shocked at what he found:

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How are Democrats going to defend this? The point is that they can’t.



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