California Democrats Trying To Allow Illegal Immigrants To Hold Party Leadership Positions

Democrats seem determined to become the party of non-citizens.

In California, they are now getting ready to allow illegal immigrants to hold leadership positions in the party.

Townhall reports:

California Democrats Move To Allow Illegal Aliens To Hold Party Leadership Positions

CNS News reports that Democratic lawmakers in California have introduced a bill to allow illegal aliens and non-citizens eligible for leadership positions within state political parties.

Melanie Arter reports that “current state law limits noncitizen participation in party politics, but the bill, SB 288, would change that, letting noncitizens, including illegal immigrants like Dreamers, serve as state convention delegates and county committee leaders within the Democratic Party, which will allow them to be involved with party platform and other issues.”

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Supporters say that the proposed legislation is about showing welcoming support for all immigrant groups. “We need to continue to send a very, very loud message that we are … going to embrace and uplift and support all American immigrant neighbors,” said Sen. Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco), who introduced the bill.

Do Democrats have any idea how this looks to the majority of average Americans? Apparently not.

More from CNS News:

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California Democrats Propose Bill to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Hold Party Leadership Positions

“As our immigrant communities face vicious attacks from this President and his administration, California must embrace, lift up, and empower immigrant voices and leaders. Immigrants contribute to our economy, culture, and civic life. They’re already leaders in our communities and should have a seat at the table. The Democratic Party will continue to lead as the party that embraces all communities, and this legislative fix will help keep us on track,” Weiner wrote in a press release last week.

Shawn Steel, the Republican National Committeeman for California, called the move “abject pandering and arrogance.”

“This is what happens when you have too much power…it’s just progressives trying to out-progressive each other,” he told Fox News.

Democrats are trying so hard to out-left each other that they’re going to end up going over a cliff.


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