California Will Lose 400,000 Jobs By 2022 Due To Minimum Wage Hike According to Study

Liberals in California have been protesting and organizing for a higher minimum wage for quite a while now. They are finally going to get their way but the policy is going to destroy thousands of jobs.

The Daily Wire reports:

STUDY: CA Will Lose 400,000 Jobs By 2022 Because Of Minimum Wage Hike

On Thursday, the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) released a new study by Drs. David Macpherson of Trinity University and William Even of Miami University that estimated California will lose 400,000 jobs by the time the $15 minimum wage is fully phased-in by 2022.

The study examined the effects of California’s minimum wage increases over the past three decades. The economists found that each 10% increase in the state’s minimum wage triggers almost 5% of jobs in California lost in industries with a larger percentage of lower-paid employees.

The article points to this study:

… beginning in 2001, California began a practice of increasing its minimum wage at a faster rate than mandated by federal law. In 2001, the California minimum exceeded the federal minimum by $1.10 ($6.25 versus $5.15). The gap between the California and federal minimum fluctuated since 2000 as both the state and federal minimum wages increased. As of 2017, California’s $10.50 minimum is among the highest statewide minimum in the country. Moreover, under current law, California’s will increase its minimum wage to $15.00 by 2022 while the federal minimum is scheduled to remain at $7.25. If current laws remain in effect, this will lead to the largest gap between a state and federal minimum wage in the history of the U.S.

Why can’t Liberals understand that this is just basic economics? You can’t legislate wealth.


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