California’s Effort To Split From The US . . . Is Itself Splitting Up

The effort to split California from the U.S. is running into problems. Internal problems.

The so-called “Calexit” effort has at least four different proposals to split up California. And they don’t agree with each other.

The Calexit effort to split is itself splitting up. 

The LA Times reports: 

“Evans is pushing a ballot measure that would put the question of secession before voters in 2018, believing the time has never been so ripe to form a breakaway nation. Wheeler is working to create a pro-secession political party, looking a dozen or more years down the road when its candidates hold office, and fears that a premature vote would undermine the effort.

In short, the effort to cleave California faces a crackup of its own.

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At least four proposals are floating about to reshape the state in some fashion, including two that would split up California along different axes. All work at cross-purposes, and the result is varied degrees of hostility among proponents; none of the plans seems likely to reach fruition anytime soon, if ever.

That is something they have in common.”

They can’t agree with each other on how to split. 

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Does anyone really think the Inland Empire and farming communities of California will want to be paired with San Francisco and Los Angeles?

More likely is that any split would mean several states in place of California.

But the big question is still:

If California were ever to split from the rest of the U.S., would they build a wall? 

One Twitter user suggests this should be the shape of Trump’s wall:

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