Calls Grow For Andrew Cuomo To Resign Over Cover-Up Of Nursing Home COVID Deaths

According to an explosive recent report, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was part of a cover-up regarding the deaths of elderly people in the state due to his decision to put COVID patients into nursing homes.

One of his own aides confessed this.

Now people are starting to say Cuomo should resign. Even people in the mainstream media are saying it.

This is from the liberal Washington Post:

If Andrew Cuomo doesn’t resign, he should be removed from office

… his decision to send hospitalized covid-positive seniors back to their nursing homes and assisted-living facilities likely led to the deaths of thousands of people. More than 9,000 people who had tested positive for the coronavirus were sent back to these facilities under Cuomo’s orders.

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Given what was known even in the early days of the pandemic about covid-19’s transmissibility and the lethal threat it posed to the aged, this was a horrific decision. The state has said that more than 8,600 people died from the virus in nursing homes, many surely infected because of Cuomo’s order. New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a report last month that the true total is thousands higher. That alone should be grounds for his removal from office.

But it gets worse. The New York Post reported on Thursday that a top aide for the governor, Melissa DeRosa, said while speaking to a group of New York Democratic lawmakers that the Cuomo administration rebuffed earlier requests from the Justice Department and state legislature for updated figures for deaths in nursing homes because of fear of a potential federal investigation.

If true, the Cuomo administration authorized a coverup of his activities to avoid potential political, and even legal, exposure.

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A decent man would accept full responsibility for his poor decisions and resign.

Wow. It’s all over Twitter too:

This is not going to blow over. He may actually be forced to step down.


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