Canada’s Justin Trudeau Gets Savaged By EU Leaders Who Accuse Him Of Being A Dictator (VIDEO)

This winter, when truckers were protesting vaccine and mask mandates in Canada, the world was paying attention.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau overreacted big time, arresting peaceful protesters and in some cases, siezing their private property and bank accounts.

Well it turns out other world leaders were not impressed.

Trudeau was recently in Europe for a meeting and EU leaders unloaded on him, calling him a dictator.

From BizPac Review:

‘Spare us your presence’: Trudeau decimated on world stage as liberty-loving EU members HAVE AT HIM

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If Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expected a resounding hero’s welcome during his visit to the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, he must have been sorely disappointed.

The EU is a globalist-dominated institution where the leader of the far-left Liberal Party generally fits in seamlessly.

Several of its elected members, however, took the floor to castigate Trudeau for, among other things, using the police as a martial law force to violently break up the peaceful Freedom Convoy and for temporarily invoking the country’s Emergencies Act to vindictively freeze protesters’ bank accounts without due process.

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Ironically, vaccine- and mandate-hawk Trudeau gave a speech there that lamented authoritarianism and praised democracy.

Christine Anderson, an MEP from Germany, for example, gave Trudeau a not-so-warm welcome.

“Based on Article 195, I would like to point out that it would have been more appropriate for Mr. Trudeau…to address this house according to Article 144, an article which was specifically designed to debate violations of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law, which is clearly the case with Mr. Trudeau,” Anderson asserted.

Take a look at the videos below:

Trudeau absolutely deserves this.

He has shown himself to be a tyrant.


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