Canadians At Hockey Game BOO PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU When He Appears (VIDEO)

When Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada in October 2015, it was another in a string of victories for Liberalism.

It looked like Liberals would be in charge of all of North America for a long time when the leaders of the U.S., Mexico and Canada met at a summit in June 2016:

Then, came Trump. And the backlash against Liberalism.

Now, it looks like the people of Canada are starting to be unhappy with the Liberal in charge.

The Huffington Post reported:

“Just one day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s suggestion that Canada should “phase out” the oilsands, Edmonton hockey fans were ready to let him know what they think of that idea. (Obvious Spoiler: they don’t exactly love the plan.) On Saturday night, fans gathered at Rogers Place Arena to say farewell to Hayley Wickenheiser during a retirement ceremony before the Edmonton Oilers versus Calgary Flames matchup.

As part of a tribute to the female hockey great, video messages from Mark Messier, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared on the Jumbotron. And while Bettman is usually the target of the loudest heckling and jeers at NHL events, the prime minister bore the brunt of the boos that night. In fact, the noise made by the crowd completely drowned out his remarks.”

Here’s the video:

It takes a lot for Canadians to boo somebody. It means something is very wrong.

It means Trudeau is on the way out.

Even in Canada, Liberals are on the run!

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