Car Plows Into Antifa Protesters In Virginia, One Dead And Multiple Injuries (VIDEO)

Antifa was marching in Virginia to protest a white nationalist group when a suspect drove a car into the crowd, injuring many and killing one.

The Washington Free Beacon has the details:

White Nationalist Rally Stopped in Virginia After Factions Clash

White nationalists clashed with counter-demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, prompting the governor to declare an emergency and halt a rally to protest the planned removal of a Confederate general’s statue from a public park.

Tensions in the city intensified hours after the melee when at least one vehicle plowed a crowd of people gathered in a street two blocks from the park, according to witnesses and a city spokeswoman, causing multiple injuries.

It was not clear whether this incident was connected to the earlier confrontations. But a video shown on CNN appeared to show a silver sedan driving at high speed into the crowd before reversing.

The fighting broke out in the city’s downtown before noon when hundreds of people, some wearing white nationalist symbols and carrying Confederate battle flags, were confronted by a nearly equal number of counter-protesters. The clashes began the previous evening, resulting in at least one arrest.

Combatants on both sides wore helmets and held shields, and some brandished wooden poles. Militia members in the city openly carried rifles, although no gunfire was reported.

Here’s a video of the car driving into the crowd:

Here’s a video from a different angle:

The governor has even declared a state of emergency:

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