CARRIE PREJEAN: For Young Christian Mothers, The Most Important Thing In Election IS THIS (VIDEO)

Beautiful! Carrie Prejean said what’s most important to young mothers like her in this election.

As a Christian, as a young mother, it’s not the Left’s latest smear attack on Trump.

It’s not locker room talk. It’s not the nasty, hoaxing Media.

It’s something far more important.   

Watch what she said on Sean Hannity’s show (Via Fox & Friends on Facebook):

From the video:

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I’m a young mom of two little kids. I’m a Christian woman. And you want to know what we care about? That the Left doesn’t want to talk about? We care about jobs. We care about a President that is going to put the American people first. We care about securing our border. We care about education for our children. We care about the Supreme Court Justices. 

Our Founding Fathers in 1776 – Donald Trump is right – they would be rolling over in their grave Sean if they knew what was happening right now. 

And the most important thing is the Supreme Court Justices – as me, as a young mother – that is the most important thing. Everyone needs to wake up and realize [if we lose the Supreme Court] the American Dream is over.”

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