CBS News Hypes Joe Biden’s List Of Female VP Candidates But Fails To Mention Assault Allegations (VIDEO)

The media’s double standards are so obvious.

A credible allegation has been made against Joe Biden, and you know that if he was a Republican this would be the headline news story every night.

But because Biden is a Democrat running against Trump, they will cover for him at every turn.

CBS News did a segment on Biden’s list of female VP candidates this weekend and never even mentioned the allegations.

News Busters reports:

CBS Touts Biden’s VP Short List, Skips Sexual Abuse Allegations

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On Sunday evening, CBS Weekend News marked one year since Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign. Rather use the occasion to hold the presumptive Democratic nominee accountable for sexual abuse allegations leveled against him by former Senate staffer Tara Reade, the broadcast instead focused on touting Biden’s all-female short list of vice presidential picks.

“This weekend marks one year since Joe Biden announced he was running for president and a lot has changed. Without leaving the house, he’s trying to win and choose a running mate,” anchor Lesli Foster proclaimed at the top of the segment. Correspondent Ed O’Keefe declared: “Joe Biden knows a thing or two about being number two….And knows exactly what he’s looking for in a running mate.”

A soundbite was featured of Biden’s recent softball appearance on The Late Late Show in which he explained his selection process: “[Someone] That can be president and the public look at that person and say, ‘She is capable of being President of the United States tomorrow.’”

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See the video below:

In fact, the subject was blacked out on pretty much all of the Sunday morning news shows.

The media is actively working to get Biden elected.

They’re Democrat operatives.


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