CHEERS STAR: Skip Liberal Arts College And Go To A Trade School (VIDEO)

Actor John Ratzenberger of Cheers fame is a vocal Donald Trump supporter. He also believes in the value of hard work. In a recent appearance on the Stuart Varney show, he promoted the idea of studying a trade instead of going to college.

FOX Business has the details:

Actor John Ratzenberger: Blue Collar Workers Should be Called ‘Essential Workers’

Actor John Ratzenberger said Wednesday he believes parents should be more supportive of their children going to a vocational school, instead of a liberal arts college.

“They [parents] think if their child goes on to be a brick layer or a welder that somehow they’re not as intelligent as the kid that went on to a four-year liberal arts college,” he told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

Ratzenberger said the path for an apprentice plumber, electrician or carpenter, for example, is more difficult than a four-year college, but the reward is greater.

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“At the end of the day, you’re going to be making a lot more money too,” he said.

The former “Cheers” and “Toy Story” actor explained why the term “blue collar” worker should be replaced with “essential worker.”

Watch the video:

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He’s absolutely right.

A young person who knows how to use tools has a much better future than someone with an expensive degree in gender studies.


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