Chelsea Handler Says After 2016 Election, She Would Go To Airport To Scream At People Watching FOX News

The 2016 election truly broke some people, mentally.

Left wing comedian Chelsea Handler was definitely one of them. During a recent interview, she admitted that after the election she would go to the airport and scream at people who were watching FOX News.

This actually led her to getting therapy.

Townhall reports:

Chelsea Handler Says She Would Scream at People Watching Fox News in the Airport

Comedian Chelsea Handler revealed during an interview on NPR’s “It’s Been A Minute With Sam Sanders” that shortly after Donald Trump’s presidential win in 2016, she would go to the airport to scream at people watching Fox News and call them racists.

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Sanders asked Handler what was the catalyst for her to seek out therapy as going through the healing process gave her the “gift of self-awareness.”

“Yeah. I mean, it was after the election. I mean, the election, I was just like, oh, my God, is this – I couldn’t believe it. You know, I just – and I became so outraged. You know, I was going to Fox News lounges walking over – like, when I was at the airport, I was going to the Fox News section, and I would start screaming at Trump supporters.

I’d be like, how could you possibly – I’d call people racist. Like, I was at the airport enraged. I once went to the airport and I didn’t even have a flight. Like, I was looking for trouble,” she said.

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Listen below:

Judging by her Twitter feed, it looks like she needs more therapy.

What is she going to do if Trump wins reelection?


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