Cher Terrified Of Dem Loss In 2020 – Says There Will Be No America If Trump Wins Re-election

When it comes to celebrities with Trump Derangement Syndrome, Cher is a definite contender for the top spot.

She recently said a couple of things on Twitter that show just how badly she has lost her mind.

FOX News reports:

Cher says Democrats don’t know how to win in 2020, that there will be no America if Trump is re-elected

Cher is once again bashing President Donald Trump and giving some blunt advice to the Democratic Party for beating him in the 2020 election.

The “Turn Back Time” singer is never shy about voicing her political opinions on social media. The star’s Twitter has quickly become an all caps stream of consciousness about all things U.S. politics. She often directs her most charged and heated rhetoric directly at Trump himself, even prompting an occasional response.

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On Wednesday, the 73-year-old took to Twitter to slam Democrats for using tools like social media to reach out to a Congress that she believes is too old and out-of-the-loop to understand its impact, citing their perceived mishandling of the Mark Zuckerberg testimony.

Later that day, she followed up the charged words with an assertion that beating Trump in 2020 is important to the future of America, and the ability to hold him accountable for his actions while president.

See her tweets below:

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She seems sane, doesn’t she?

Speaking of Trump Derangement Syndrome and celebrities, did you see that some of the usual suspects made another one of their dumb videos again?

They simply refuse to learn the lessons of 2016.



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