Chicago Tribune Columnist: Hillary Has Disqualified Herself From The Presidency

John Kass

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass claims Hillary Clinton has disqualified herself from the presidency and he makes a compelling case.

He laid it out in a recent column:

Hillary Clinton disqualifies herself

Hillary Clinton has disqualified herself from the presidency.

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No matter what your tribal politics may be, after FBI Director James Comey’s withering testimony before Congress on Thursday over her email scandal, there really is no way around it, is there?

She disqualified herself by her own hand.

Mrs. Clinton, former secretary of state, has already proved she can’t be trusted with national secrets. She put those secrets at risk by using a private email server kept in her basement, against security protocol.

That server was likely hacked by foreign intelligence. She failed, miserably, in protecting the secrets of her nation.

So for all this she should be rewarded and promoted and handed the near absolute power of an imperial presidency?

And, she lied to the American people. That much is clear. She lied about what she did and how and why. There are tapes of it floating all about on the internet, lies to reporters, lies in those rare public appearances where she actually takes questions.

Read the rest here.

It’s difficult to disagree.

If we had an honest media, many more journalists would be saying the same thing.



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