Chris Christie Slams The Media For Suppressing The Hunter Biden Laptop Story (VIDEO)

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may not always be popular with conservatives and Trump supporters, but he deserves credit when he gets things right.

This weekend, he appeared on ABC News and slammed the media for suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story.

He correctly pointed out that the media never waited for or needed any kind of confirmation to run every single false report about Trump and Russia. How can they stand by that standard for the Hunter Biden story, which was true?

Red State has a transcript:

CHRISTIE: But, look, the idea that somehow when making the Hunter Biden decision in the midst of an election campaign, we’re saying, oh, we’ve got to be careful about Russian disinformation. But all through 2016 and 2017, we now know that it was the Hillary Clinton campaign that was creating that dossier, paying for it, and that became the basis of a “New York Times’” Pulitzer Prize. And it’s sort of —

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, there’s a separate FBI investigation based on completely different evidence that generate —

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CHRISTIE: But, George, no, no, George, look, Operation Crossfire Hurricane was all about the potential infiltration of the Trump campaign by the Russians. The basis of that was the dossier. And instead —

MARCUS: And most news organizations, Chris, didn’t publish the dossier.

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CHRISTIE: Oh, they didn’t publish the dossier, Ruth, but what they did was aggressively pursued that and called it as if it was fact. And with the Hunter Biden case, Twitter took “The New York Post” Twitter account down because they reported on the Hunter Biden laptop which now turns out to be completely true. So, let’s just call what — let’s call what it was.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Chris, nobody reported on the dossier during the campaign.

CHRISTIE: “The New York Post” had it right – but, George, “The New York Post” had it right, and “The Washington Post” and “The New York Times” had it wrong. Now, you can decide — everyone will decide what the motivation for that was, whether it was simple error, whether it was not sufficient reporting, whether it was bias, everyone is going to have their opinions on that. But the facts that we know now are, “The New York Post” had it right during the campaign last year, and the other media outlets had it wrong.

MARCUS: Is “The Washington Post” supposed to report on a hard drive that they didn’t have at the time that was given to Rudy Giuliani? I mean, it’s not an easy call if you’re an editor.

CHRISTIE: They reported on a lot of stuff regarding Russian infiltration on the Trump campaign that turned out to be flat wrong, dead wrong.

Here’s the video:

Say whatever you want about Christie.

He nailed this.


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