Chris Wallace HAMMERS Jill Stein: ‘Who’s Speaking For American Voters, HIM OR YOU?’ (VIDEO)


Today on Fox New Sunday, Chris Wallace took on Jill Stein over her recount. 

Jill Stein tried to say her recount was all about the American people. Which led Wallace to ask Jill Stein how many votes she got.

And then, he asked, “Who’s speaking for American voters, him or you?”


From the video:

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Chris Wallace: “How many votes did you get? Dr. Stein, how many votes did you get in this election?”

Jill Stein: “How many votes did Donald Trump get?”

Chris Wallace: “He got 62 and a half million votes. How many votes did you get, Dr. Stein? Dr. Stein, could you answer the question? How many votes did you get?”

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Jill Stein: “Um, I am not going to be the beneficiary on this one way or the other. That’s why I can do this.”

Chris Wallace: “But he got 62 and a half million votes, how many did you get? I mean, the question really is: Who is speaking for American voters? Him or you?”

And then, Jill Stein says it’s not about any candidate. It’s about voters.

But voters didn’t vote for her. 

It’s a scam.

Just like Trump said:

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