Chuck Schumer Now Denies Blocking Trump Judicial Nominee Because He’s White (VIDEO)

Chuck Schumer recently said on the Senate floor that he would not support a Trump judicial nominee because he is white. Now he is trying to spin the situation due to backlash. Nothing changes what Schumer said. It’s on video for crying out loud.

Shumer tried to backtrack on CNN. The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Schumer Denies Voting Against Judicial Nominee Because He’s White

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said Friday that he did not vote against confirming federal judicial nominee Marvin Quattlebaum this week because he is white, pushing back against reports that he based his vote on Quattlebaum’s race.

Schumer said on the Senate floor Wednesday that the nomination of Quattlebaum “speaks to the overall lack of diversity” of President Donald Trump’s nominees because he is a white male. On CNN on Friday, Schumer blamed “right-wing radio” for “distorting his words,” and he explained his comments about Quattlebaum, who the Senate confirmed to the U.S. District Court in South Carolina by a vote of 69-29.

“What I said is this: that Barack Obama had nominated, I think as early as 2013, two people for this seat, and our Republican senators from South Carolina blocked them with the withholding of the blue slip, which has been a tradition,” Schumer said, referring to South Carolina Sens. Tim Scott (R.) and Lindsey Graham (R.) opposing the confirmation of Alison Lee and Don Beatty in 2013.

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“So this seat has been vacant for a long time, the two people nominated were African-Americans, and I said, ‘Now this fellow is white, and we need the bench to have real diversity,'” Schumer told CNN host Wolf Blitzer.

Watch the video:

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Nice try, Chuck.


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