Church Choir Sings “Make America Great Again” Song To Trump (VIDEO)

This happened at a rally over the weekend. A Baptist choir sang Make America Great Again to President Trump. The left will hate this and probably claim the group is singing about Trump but they;re actually singing about America.

It was leftists who sand songs about Obama just a few years ago.

The Hill reported:

Church choir sings ‘Make America Great Again’ song to Trump

A Southern Baptist church choir sang a “Make America Great Again” ode at a rally President Trump spoke at on Saturday.

The song, called “Make America Great Again,” was based off Trump’s popular campaign motto that he has continued to use into his presidency.

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The choir, from the First Baptist Church in Dallas, performed at the “Celebrate Freedom Rally” Saturday at the Kennedy Center.

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Lyrics in the song include “Lift the torch of freedom all across the land / Step into the future joining hand in hand.”

The performance was met with applause and cheers at the event.

Trump praised the choir during his speech, saying that “your music honors our heroes more than words will ever do.”

First Baptist Dallas is led by Robert Jeffress, a Trump supporter who also spoke at the rally on Saturday. Jeffress’s political views and staunch defense of Trump have sometimes been criticized by other evangelicals.

Watch the video in the tweet below:

That’s pretty cool.


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