Citizen Journalist Went To Both Conventions – Shows How Media Manipulates The Truth

Mike Cernovich of Danger and Play went to the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention this year. The Media made it seem like there were protesters everywhere at the RNC. And they made it seem like it was all peace and rainbows at the DNC.

The truth was the opposite.

In this video, you’ll see:

– At the RNC, it was about 120 protesters in total, not the hundreds the Media made them out to be.

– At the DNC, there were huge protests. One had over 1200 people. Another had 1500 people. They were chanting, “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!”

– The Media was everywhere at the RNC. The Media was nowhere to be found at the DNC.

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Some quotes:

“The end of the RNC, to be honest, was a little anti-climatic . . . People were expecting massive protests. Every time there was a protest, people would kind of run to look at it. Again, 10-20 people there. People would roll their eyes.”

“I expected the DNC to be boring. It was anything but . . . the DNC was complete and total pandemonium.”

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“The Media wasn’t there. I couldn’t believe it. CNN, NBC, MSNBC . . . no journalistic outlet was there covering this massive protest at the DNC. Meanwhile, when 10 people showed up at the RNC, you have a hundred journalistic outlets.”

No wonder no one trusts the Media anymore. They don’t cover real events. They cover what they think will advance the Democrat agenda. So dishonest!

Thank goodness for citizen journalists like Mike Cernovich!


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