City In California Scrubbing Names Of George Washington And Thomas Jefferson From Two Schools

Just recently, a statue of Thomas Jefferson was toppled by left wing fanatics in Portland, Oregon. See the image above.

When all this madness about statues and history began a few years ago, Democrats and people in the media said it was only about Confederate statues.

Conservatives, including President Trump, warned that the left would come for America’s founding fathers next, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

The College Fix reports:

Berkeley to ditch Washington, Jefferson school names in response to Black Lives Matter

Two elementary schools in Berkeley, California will be changing their names in response to the reinvigorated Black Lives Matter movement.

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According to, the schools are currently named after George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the United States’ first and third presidents respectively.

They were also … slaveholders.

The Berkeley Unified School District board voted unanimously for the change. A similar effort 15 years ago had failed.

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Regarding the schools’ names, the district’s “Resolution In Support of Black Lives Matter,” gives credit to the two Founding Fathers for “selfless service to a new nation” (Washington) and being “author of the Declaration of Independence and a Framer of the Constitution” (Jefferson).

However, Washington “profited from the enslaved labor of hundreds of human beings, and signed the 1793 Fugitive Slave Act,” while Jefferson was “an unrepentant slaveholder whose wealth was built on the labor of the enslaved.”

Dan Bongino has an excellent question about this.

This is madness.

This is not about justice. It’s about tearing down America.


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