City’s New Soda Tax Has Consumers And Costco Rebelling

The far left city of Seattle recently enacted a soda tax that nearly doubles the cost of products. Unfortunately for the progressives behind the tax, the people of the city and even Costco have found a way to fight back.

Red State reports:

How The Free Market Spanked Seattle’s Government After It Tried To Dictate How Its Citizens Lived

The statists of the blue city of Seattle are currently being taught a very harsh lesson about attempting to control how its citizens live, and the lesson is being helped along by the harsh but fair hand of the free market.

According to CW33, Seattle thought it could pass a monumental soda-tax on its citizens, nearly doubling the price of products like Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper within the city. The leftists believed that such a tax would get people to start being healthier, as it would dissuade them from consuming their favorite sugary drinks. As one city council member said, their aim was to literally control the behaviors of its citizens…

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Costco created signs that showed the original cost of the products Costco typically sold them at, but then it added the tax imposed upon it by the city of Seattle, showing customers that the high prices of their favorite beverage were the result of government meddling.

What’s more, Costco added a second sign to inform their customers that their drinks were much cheaper at locations outside of the city of Seattle.

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Why are so many Liberals incapable of minding their own business?


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