CLASS WARFARE: Elizabeth Warren Calls For Jailing Executives: ‘I’m Talking Handcuffs And Perp Walks!’ (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren is desperate to stay in the news. As a result, she keeps upping the ante on her crazy rhetoric. During a recent campaign event, she called for jailing Wells Fargo executives.

This is nothing more than class war, which is what many on the left really want.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Elizabeth Warren: Wells Fargo executives must be marched out in handcuffs

Sen. Elizabeth Warren called Tuesday for a perp walk for Wells Fargo executives who oversaw the bank’s fake accounts scandal.

“The only way we’re ever going to stop these scandals is to hold executives personally accountable, to fire the people who are responsible and when they break the law, to march some of them out in handcuffs,” the Massachusetts Democrat said at a Senate Banking Committee hearing.

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Warren and other Democrats harshly criticized Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan at the hearing, which was called to update the Senate on the fake accounts scandal that was recently revealed to have affected 3.5 million accounts.

“At best you were incompetent, at worst you were complicit, and either way, you should be fired,” Warren told Sloan earlier in the morning, after reviewing his role at the bank as chief financial officer and chief operating officer during the time that the bank was creating the unwanted accounts.

Watch the video below:

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Warren is a blowhard. She likes to act tough and she has million ideas, none of which will work

GOP USA reports:

Elizabeth Warren ideas fiscally, politically unfeasible

It sounds good in a stump speech — taxing the upper crust to fund sweeping policies for the masses.

That’s the platform that U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has built for her presidential campaign — an “ultra-millionaire tax” on the wealthiest 75,000 American families that she claims would raise $2.75 trillion over 10 years. Warren has touted the tax as a way to pay for universal child care, free college, wiping out student loan debt and several other vote-enticing giveaways.

Economists and policy experts tell the Herald that Warren’s populist plan isn’t feasible given today’s current political divide on Capitol Hill, nor is it the best mechanism for getting the rich to pay more into the nation’s coffers. But that doesn’t stop it from being a popular campaign trail pitch.

“From a political perspective, it’s absolutely a winning statement for a candidate that wants to get better traction,” said Mark Williams, a finance lecturer at Boston University.

But with “one group that’s bearing the benefit and one very small group that’s bearing the costs,” Warren’s platform “sends a negative message,” Williams said.

The one thing Warren has going for her is the media.

They just love her. For now.


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