CLASSY: Bill Clinton Calls Donald Trump Supporters REDNECKS (VIDEO)


Every single day, Hillary Clinton goes on the stump and calls Donald Trump a bigot who’s running a hateful campaign and every day Hillary or one of her surrogates says something incredibly insulting about Trump and his supporters.

Now Bill Clinton is calling Trump supporters rednecks.

Via the Daily Caller:

Bill Clinton: Trump’s Base Is ‘Your Standard Redneck’ [VIDEO]

“Look, man the other guy’s base is what I grew up in,” the former president told the crowd of Hillary Clinton supporters gathered at Palm Beach State College. “You know, I’m basically your standard redneck.”

Watch the video:

So let’s see…

Trump supporters are deplorables, irredeemable, and now rednecks.

Any other insults for the American people Mrs. Clinton?

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