CLASSY: CNN Analyst Suggests Roger Stone Is A ‘Dandy’ Who Could Be Raped In Prison (VIDEO)

David Gergen, a political analyst for CNN made a rather disturbing statement on the air this week. While talking about former Trump associate Roger Stone, Gergen candidly suggested Stone was a ‘dandy’ who could be raped in prison.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

CNN Political Analyst: Roger Stone Is ‘Something of a Dandy,’ Could Be Raped in Prison

CNN senior political analyst David Gergen suggested on the air Tuesday that Roger Stone, an associate of President Donald Trump, was concerned about being raped in prison…

Gergen, a former advisor to Republican and Democratic presidents alike, told “Erin Burnett OutFront” guest host Kate Bolduan that Stone’s post was an “act of utter stupidity,” noting that the judge in question was an Obama appointee who had already thrown the book at Trump associate Paul Manafort.

“Paul Manafort could well die in jail,” Gergen said. “He’s a crumpled man. We’ve now heard harrowing tales of what’s happening to him in prison, how his life has changed, how lonely, how depressed he is.”

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Stone, he argued, “must also worry if he goes there, he’s seen as something of a dandy. Will he be physically safe? Will he be subject to rape?”

Watch the video:

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This is not an isolated incident. John Nolte of Breitbart notes that this is the second time someone at CNN has implied this.

Nolte writes:

Nolte: CNN Fantasizes About Roger Stone Getting Raped in Prison… Again

This is the second time a CNN leftist has planted the seed of Stone’s prison rape in the public’s mind.

Late last month, CNN anchor and anti-Trump activist Jake Tapper, in an obvious reference to prison rape, said Stone “might like” prison.

“No one’s going to cry if Roger Stone goes to jail or when he goes to jail,” former Obama adviser Jen Psaki said of Stone.

“He might like it,” quipped Tapper.

Psaki laughed and added, “He might. Who knows?”

And this is not the first time Tapper has viewed the horror of rape through a partisan prism. Last year, while hosting an anti-gun town hall, Tapper offered only silent approval as his audience booed a rape victim.

And it is not only CNN doing it. John Podhoretz, a Never Trumper and frequent MSNBC guest, also spread the idea of Stone enjoying a good, old-fashioned prison rape.

“The thing is,” Podhoretz gleefully wrote in a now-deleted tweet, “given his proclivities, Stone would enjoy prison.”

Does CNN have an ethics officer, or anyone who can address this recurring problem. It is completely inappropriate.


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