CLASSY: Former VP Joe Biden Calls Election Tracker ‘A Real Pr**k’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is a walking gaffe machine. He proves it almost every time he opens his mouth. This week, he also proved how vulgar he can be in a comment to an election tracker.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Biden to election tracker: ‘You’re a real prick’

Democrats are not having a good run this year dealing with election trackers.

First, there was that Democratic candidate for Colorado attorney general who tried to shame a GOP tracker on social media. Now, former Vice President Joe Biden has been caught on tape calling a tracker at an event in Pittsburgh a “prick.”

“You’re a real prick, you know that?” the former vice president can be heard saying on a video captured by the America Rising operative. “I’m running late.”

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The former vice president then stopped to take a picture with a fan. As Biden did this, an unidentified woman tried repeatedly to block the election tracker’s camera.

The interaction is amusing for two reasons.

First, it shows Biden losing his cool over a standard-issue campaign operative. He should know by know how to deal with this. Trackers “are individuals employed by campaigns, political action committees, and other organizations to follow and record opposing candidates on the campaign trail,” Ballotpedia explains. “Their objective is to capture any instance in which a candidate says something offensive, off-brand, or contradictory.”

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Trackers have played pivotal roles before, including the time one caught Sen. George Allen, R-Va., on camera using the word “macaca.” That moment, built up in subsequent news stories, effectively ended Allen’s political career. That Biden lost his temper this week suggests either he’s slipping, or maybe the tracker really did something that deserved the comment. But even if it’s the latter, it’s still a stupid move for Biden.

Watch the video:

Real classy, Joe.


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