CLASSY: Susan Rice Says Trump And Senators Who Supported Him Belong In ‘Trash Heap Of History’ (VIDEO)

Obama’s former national security adviser Susan Rice is a real gem, isn’t she?

She lied to the entire country about what happened in Benghazi but she is still treated like royalty by the liberal media.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, she said Trump and those in the Senate who supported him belong in the trash heap of history.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Susan Rice: Senators who supported Trump belong in ‘trash heap of history’

Former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice said one of the reasons former Vice President Joe Biden should be elected is to “consign” the senators who supported President Trump to the “trash heap of history.”

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In an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell about Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s announcement that she’s bowing out of the running to be Biden’s vice president so that he can choose a woman of color instead, Rice said, “What’s important about what Sen. Klobuchar said and did is that she made clear that this election, and whoever Joe Biden chooses among many very talented candidates, is about getting Joe Biden in the White House. Somebody who can heal and unify the nation and remove Donald Trump and consign him and those who supported him in the Senate to the trash heap of history.”

She appeared to be referring to the February impeachment trial, when the GOP-led Senate acquitted the president of two articles of impeachment. Sen. Mitt Romney became the first senator to vote to remove a president of his own party.

Watch the video:

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Rice is admitting something that many Democrats believe. They think if they limit Trump to one term they can claim he was a one0time mistake that the country made and that the meaning behind his election wasn’t real.


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