CLASSY: Unfunny Lesbian Comedian Bullies Barron Trump With Stupid New Show (VIDEO)

Remember all the times conservatives mocked and ridiculed Obama’s daughters? Neither does anyone else because it never happened. But now that Trump is president, it’s apparently OK for leftists to bully his 10 year old son.

One lesbian comedian has even created a new show to do it.

PJ Media reports:

Lesbian ‘Comedian’ Bullies First Son in ‘Barron Trump, Up Past Bedtime’ Show in Chicago

Apparently, comedians on the left refuse to learn that children are off limits for their political rage. Just a week ago, Katie Rich, a writer on SNL, was suspended indefinitely for tweeting insults about Donald and Melania Trump’s innocent ten-year-old child. Rich “joked” that he would be America’s first homeschooled shooter, among other insults.

Instead of learning from the mistakes of others, a seriously unfunny “comedian” named Shannon Noll is taking it a step further with an entire show that she wrote and is starring in called “Barron Trump, Up Past Bedtime.” The show opened in a small theater in Chicago last weekend.

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Noll’s schtick appears to be based solely on the fact that she dresses like a little boy and is a lesbian. Those are the two main jokes during her standup routine.

Here’s a video where the big tough lesbian takes on a 10 year old boy:

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Where are all the Democrats to denounce this?

Aren’t they against bullying as they always claim?


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