Clean-Up At Site Of Dakota Pipeline Protest Costs Over A Million After ‘PRO-ENVIRONMENT’ Slobs Leave It A DUMP

Have you ever noticed that the left claims to be pro-environment but leaves a trail of garbage wherever they go?

At the site of the Dakota Pipeline protests, they left behind such a mess that clean-up efforts are going to cost over a million dollars.

The Washington Times reports:

Dakota Access protest camps cleared after $1.1 million federal cleanup; four more dogs rescued

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wrapped up its $1.1 million cleanup of the Dakota Access pipeline protest camps on federal land in North Dakota, hauling away 835 dumpsters of remaining trash and debris. The site, once occupied by thousands of environmental demonstrators, is now vacant.

The federal cleanup at the last of the three camps, Sacred Stone, was declared finished Thursday.

A Florida sanitation company completed work that began Feb. 23 to hasten the massive restoration project started in late January by the Standing Rock Sioux.

Meanwhile, a local animal shelter rescued four more dogs found at the North Dakota encampment, bringing the total number of dogs found after the last of the protesters evacuated to 12.

They really seem to care about the environment, don’t they?

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