CLUELESS: Howard Dean Doesn’t Understand Latest Hillary Scandal As MSNBC Reporter Explains It To Him (VIDEO)


Former DNC chairman Howard Dean recently appeared on MSNBC and looked completely foolish as he didn’t understand the latest allegation of “Quid Pro Quo” between the FBI and the State Department in the investigation of HIllary’s illegal email server.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Howard Dean Was Really Not Ready for This MSNBC Interview

Thomas Roberts asked Dean to comment on this new release and explain how Clinton’s presidential campaign was going to get in front of the story.

Dean was confused from the outset, seeming to think it was related to the WikiLeaks release of John Podesta’s messages.

“This sounds like nothing. Who’s saying this?” Dean said. “This is nothing. The last couple of batches e-mails have revealed exactly nothing now. Who is pushing this notion?”

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Roberts was trying to interject to let Dean know that he was asking about the FBI documents, not WikiLeaks, but Dean would not let him speak. When Roberts was finally able to speak, he corrected Dean and told him that he was not talking about WikiLeaks.

“This new information is because of the notes that were taken during interviews, the release of information, certain redacted portions of conversations between FBI and State [Department] and what it meant with that statement for quid pro quo. The assertion coming from the FBI to State,” Roberts said.

“They’re all big questions. This is nothing. Somebody made this up. This is innuendo leaked by the Russians for their own political preference. I don’t get it,” Dean said.

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Watch the video:

Perhaps Howard Dean should consider branching out into entertainment.

He’s funny!


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