CNN Analyst Admits Voters Don’t Care About January 6th Hearings (VIDEO)

Despite the best efforts of Democrats and the media, the January 6th hearings are not moving the needle any closer to the Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

The issues that still matter most to voters are inflation, the economy, and the prices of gas and food.

Even an analyst at far left CNN recently admitted this to Jake Tapper on the air.

Hot Air provides a transcript:

TAPPER: CNN’s Harry Enten joins us now live from the magic wall with a look at how the American people feel about the January 6th hearings. Harry, so are voters paying attention to these hearings? And what are you finding there?

ENTEN: Yes, so you know, look here, following the January 6th hearings very or somewhat closely, what do we see? We see overall, the majority of Americans are, in fact, following these hearings very, or at least somewhat closely. And here’s the more interesting little nugget here.

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While Democrats are more likely to be following the hearings closely than Republicans, in fact, the majority of Republicans that 51 percent say that they are, in fact, following the hearings very or somewhat closely. But here’s the big question, is it really changing anybody’s mind? And I think we can get a good idea of it from this question from Quinnipiac, did Trump commit a crime to change the 2020 election results? And we can compare April of 2022 versus now.

Overall, in April of 2022, it was 46 percent. Now, it’s that same 46 percent. Among Democrats, we see that it’s actually dropped two points, although within the margin of error 87 percent back in April of 2022, and 85 percent now. Among Republicans, there’s been perhaps a slight upward movement to 15 percent. But still, clearly, the vast majority of Republicans do not, in fact, believe that Trump committed a crime. And these hearings don’t seem so far to, in fact, change opinions across all Americans of whether Trump committed a crime to change the 2020 election results.

TAPPER: And Harry, we’ve talked before about the poor polling for Democrats heading into this year’s midterm elections. Have these hearings changed that outlook at all?

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ENTEN: Not really. No. I mean, look, before the hearings began, you know, they began on June 9th. On June 8th, my average of the polls, the generic ballot had Republicans plus three points. Now, where is it? Republicans plus two points. You could make the argument that maybe there was a slight change, but the fact is, there’s so much news going on, this is not much of a change at all.

And I think there’s a pretty good reason why. Because what is the top issue for Americans at this point, and who is trusted on that? The top issue for Americans at this point is not the January 6th committee hearings. It is not Donald Trump, its inflation according to 33 percent of Americans. That is the top issue.

And who is trusted more on the issue of inflation? The margin right here is absolutely huge. Republicans are trusted over Democrats by 19 points. And that is why at this particular point, Republicans still lead on that generic congressional ballot.

Here’s the video:

The committee is a joke.

Americans have much bigger things to worry about.


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