CNN Clown Chris Cuomo Tries To Mansplain Comey Firing to Kellyanne (VIDEO)

CNN’s Chris Cuomo tried to go after Kellyanne Conway on the firing of James Comey today. It’s amazing how the media went from totally compliant in the age of Obama to “speaking truth to power” under Trump. It’s like night and day.

Here’s a partial transcript via the Business Insider:

“It seems very, very connected,” Cuomo said.

Conway dismissed Cuomo’s allegation, repeatedly saying Trump acted on the advice of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who she said was “only on the job for 14 days.”

“This idea that the FBI has one thing going on, and it’s the Russia investigation, and the idea that this is somehow Jim Comey Attorney at Law, one person in charge of it — it’s irresponsible to not report to your viewers that many people are involved,” Conway said.

“It’s a huge place and there are many people involved in numerous investigations.”

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Cuomo suggested Conway wanted the investigation to “be a hoax,” saying the White House’s claim that the investigation would yield no results was misleading.

“What I want is the truth. That’s all we should all want here,” Cuomo said. “And the idea that you should know the fruit of this investigation this many months in is naive and deceptive.”

Conway shot back: “I’m sure it will go viral because you used the words ‘naive’ and ‘deceptive.’ People will think you were saying that about me, although you were talking about a state of mind, I’m sure. I know that’s the new thing, to go viral.”

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Here’s the video:

Here are some reactions via Twitchy:

Cuomo apparently sees himself as the hero in a movie:



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