Historians will love analyzing the election of 2016.

They’ll see Donald Trump riding the escalator at Trump Tower in June 2015. They’ll see his defeat of 16 rivals in the Republican primaries. They’ll see his defeat of mainstream media. They’ll see his defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Put it all together and they’ll see one important fact:

Donald Trump didn’t just win the Presidency. Donald Trump crushed two political dynasties.

He crushed Jeb Bush of the Bush dynasty in the Republican primaries.

And he crushed the Clinton dynasty in the general election.

Brooke Baldwin and Dana Bash of CNN can’t quite believe it. Watch them discuss:

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From the video:

Brooke Baldwin: “One thing I think it’s important pointing out is that through this election cycle Donald Trump crushed two political dynasties in the Bush family and the Clintons.”

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Dana Bash: “That’s a really interesting point and a great way to put it, Brooke. I actually didn’t think of it that way specifically but you’re exactly right. In fact, somebody was joking last night that Barbara Bush had it right all along – that the country doesn’t need any more Bushes or Clintons from well before her son decided to run. But it does speak to part of the reason – a big part of the reason it appears that Hillary Clinton didn’t win – it’s because of the you know as you were just playing from Steve Bannon – talking about the Brexit effect that’s what Donald Trump said was going to happen.”

We would add a third dynasty Trump crushed: The dynasty of the mainstream media. 

Cable networks like CNN are seeing their ratings drop. No one wants to hear their propaganda any longer.

Trump crushed the media, too!!


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