CNN Focus Group Trashes Comey After Watching Interview: ‘Weak Little Man’ (VIDEO)

CNN brought together a focus group of Trump supporters to watch Jim Comey’s recent interview on ABC News. They were then asked for their thoughts and the answers they provided were brutal.

Townhall has details:

‘Weak, Little Man’: Watch Focus Group Mercilessly Mock Comey During Interview

The group, made up of members of the South Carolina Republican Party, were unimpressed, even disgusted, by what they saw. Comey spent an hour with ABC’s George Stephanopoulous complaining about the place he found himself in during the 2016 presidential campaign. He was in a lose-lose situation having to investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails, decide not to pursue charges against her, and, having found new emails, decide when to reopen the case.

They were particularly taken aback, for instance, by Comey claiming he felt alone and uncomfortable both during the election and while serving under President Trump.

“There was no evidence of any pity” for him, the CNN narrator noted.

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Sarcastic boohoos and awws could be heard throughout the room.

This was our FBI director? A “weak,” “thin-skinned,” “lily-livered,” “little man?”

“The head of the FBI doesn’t feel uncomfortable,” one female attendee explained. “That’s sort of lily-livered. It’s not what I would expect from a man.”

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For standing 6 feet, eight inches tall, Comey is a “little man,” according to another attendee. “He diminished the office of the FBI.”

Watch the video:

Isn’t it amazing how the CNN host seemed surprised?


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