CNN Gets Mocked For Special Announcing Lineup For Next Democrat Debate

The next Democrat debates are coming up at the end of this month.

CNN made a big spectacle out of choosing the lineup and not everyone was impressed.

FOX News reports:

CNN gets brutally mocked for special announcing Dem debate lineups: ‘The stupidest thing I’ve ever seen’

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During the “draw” special, the 20 eligible candidates were split between three tiers and then divided among the tiers. Three CNN hosts then randomly selected each candidate and the night they’d appear on from two sets of boxes, one that had the candidates and one that had the debate nights.

This was meant to prevent an uneven spread of candidates, which took place with the NBC debates when Warren was placed on one stage and four of the other Democratic frontrunners, Biden, Sanders, Harris, and Buttigieg, were placed on the other.

CNN, however, was brutally mocked by viewers. Slate writer Ashley Feinberg said it the “stupidest thing I’ve ever seen” while others like journalist Yashar Ali joked that he had accidentally switched to the “Game Show Network.”

Others called it “nonsense” and “idiotic”.

See the tweets below:

Here’s the final line up:

It’s sure to be another clown show.

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