CNN Guest: Mistakes Are Why People Should Trust The Media (VIDEO)

According to David Frum, the fact that the media keeps screwing up the most basic fact is precisely why people should trust them. If that makes sense to you, maybe you should go to work for CNN.

Townhall reports:

Bizarroland: David Frum Says “Mistakes…Are Why People Should Trust Media”

David Frum, former President George W. Bush speechwriter, appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter today to discuss media in the age of Trump.

The current Atlantic senior editor started off his monologue by making the following claim.

“The mistakes are precisely the reason people should trust the media. Astronomers make mistakes all the time because science is a process of discovery of truth. Astrologers never make mistakes or at least they never own up to them because what they are offering is a closed system of ideology and propaganda,” Frum told Stelter.

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On the surface, this sounds accurate. Astronomers and scientists follow the scientific method in order to discover the truth. As a reminder, that simple six step process is as follows: 1. Make an observation, 2. Ask a question, 3. Form a hypothesis, or testable explanation, 4. Make a prediction based on the hypothesis, 5. Test the prediction, 6. Iterate: use the results to make new hypotheses or a prediction. Scientists largely do not report their findings to the public as they are in “the process of discovering truth,” only once their experimentation is completed and is peer reviewed.

Watch the video:

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These people are out of their minds.


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