CNN Guest Says There Was No Cheating In Election – Except Maybe For Republican Mitch McConnell (VIDEO)

Like the rest of the liberal media, CNN doesn’t allow anyone to say that there was any cheating in the 2020 election.

Unless of course, you’re accusing a Republican of cheating. That’s fine.

This week, a retired colonel who is also a member of the far left Transition Integrity Project, praised the election during a segment on CNN. He said all the states did a great job… except for maybe Kentucky.

He then went on to imply that maybe Republican Mitch McConnell was elected through fraud.

This of course got absolutely no push back from the host.

News Busters reports:

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Uncontested CNN Guest: ‘There Was a Little Cheating’ to Reelect McConnell

Disconnected from reality didn’t begin to describe what occurred on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront on Monday night. Retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson was his usual unhinged self when he proclaimed that the 2020 presidential election was perfect before claiming (without evidence) “there was a little cheating” in Kentucky to reelect Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R). And completely ignoring the Russian collusion hoax, he claimed Republicans never get investigated for cheating.

And it all went uncontested by fill-in host Kate Bolduan.

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Here’s what he said:

Maybe in Kentucky there was a little cheating. I think the Kentucky race that Mitch McConnell was re-elected in against all percentages that pertained beforehand, and exit polling. And maybe there was something there, but you never look into the Republicans for cheating. And I can tell you that. I’m a Republican.

Yeah sure. He’s a Republican like Bill Kristol is a Republican.

Here’s the video:

Say there was cheating in the general election and you risk being banned on social media.

Say it about a Republican on CNN and nothing happens.

We now have two sets of rules in America. One for the left and another for everyone else.


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