CNN Hosts Angry That Voters Believe “Conspiracy Theory” More Than CNN (VIDEO)

On CNN’s New Day, host Alisyn Camerota had on fellow CNN host Michael Smerconish to discuss a “conspiracy theory” that came out of Charlottesville.

In this video first put on Facebook, a man claims that people wearing “KKK” and “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts got off buses right next to each other.

He calls Charlottesville a “set up”:

A Trump voter saw this video and cited it during a panel discussion with CNN.

CNN got upset. Alisyn Camerota said it had over 800,000 views on Facebook.

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That’s more people than watch a typical airing of CNN’s New Day (CNN averaged 747,000 viewers from 9am-4pm in July 2017).


Then Smerconish tore into the Trump voters for believing the video rather than CNN. He even questioned whether some people were “redeemable” or not.

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Watch (via New Day):

Note what CNN didn’t do:

  • They didn’t get the guy from the video on the show.
  • They didn’t get his source of information on the show.
  • They didn’t provide any video evidence (with hundreds of cameras in the area) that the events didn’t happen as described.

That’s what real journalists would do.

CNN didn’t do it.

Instead, CNN put up a couple of talking heads who called people names.

No wonder people don’t believe CNN!


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