CNN Just Went An Entire Week Without Breaking A Million Viewers Even Once

CNN’s ratings continue to sink rapidly.

It’s like we are watching the self-destruction of the network in real time as viewers abandon them for almost anything else.

Last week, they failed to crack a million viewers even once. There are now YouTubers who get more views than some CNN shows.

FOX News reports:

CNN goes entire week without reaching 1 million viewers

CNN continues to sink to new lows- and not only in journalistic ethics.

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According to Nielsen data, the scandal-plagued network has gone an entire week without reaching 1 million viewers from July 28 to August 3, further solidifying the liberal outlet’s struggle to carry on without Donald Trump in the White House.

Chris Cuomo, CNN’s star anchor who was swept up in the explosive report from New York Attorney General Letitia James that outlined damning sexual harassment allegations against his brother Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, received a minimal ratings bump on Tuesday night as viewers were curious as to whether or not he would address the controversy, receiving roughly 100,000 viewers more than he did Monday. Cuomo ultimately avoided the scandal altogether on his program, which garnered only 930,000 viewers.

“Cuomo Prime Time” averaged a measly 872,000 viewers despite being CNN’s highest-rated show in the past week, coming at a distant third behind Fox News’ “Hannity” in the same timeslot with 2.3 million viewers and MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” with 1.6 million viewers.

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CNN’s primetime lineup averaged just 858,000 viewers, marking a whopping 73% decline since January.

Aren’t the people at CNN embarrassed? Shouldn’t they be?

At what point does CNN attempt a course correction? Or are they planning to just keep doing the same thing until no one is watching at all?


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