CNN Now Getting Beaten In Ratings By… The Food Network

Things just keep getting worse for CNN. They have gone so far to the left and anti-Trump reportage that their ratings are cratering. They are even being beaten by the Food Network!

Western Journal reports:

CNN Gets Served: Failing Network Loses To Food Network In Latest Ratings

“Take that, Hallmark Channel!”

That could be one of the phrases being kicked around CNN’s marketing department, as the network looks for slogans to promote its performance in last week’s ratings of basic cable channels.

According to the numbers compiled by Nielsen Media Research, CNN’s prime-time programming attracted an average viewership of 758,000 from June 18-24 for the 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. (Eastern) time period.

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Among cable news networks, that number is good for third — which doesn’t sound too bad until you remember there are only three cable news networks.

And the difference between the three wasn’t even close. Fox News Channel was tops among all cable channels with an average of just over 2 million prime-time viewers for the week. MSNBC was in second with 1.49 million.

From there, you have to go a ways down the list before tripping across the letters CNN…

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Get past Food Network and A&E Network and that’s where you’ll find CNN, an unlucky 13th in prime-time viewership last week, beating out TLC and Hallmark Channel among the top 15 most-watched cable networks.

CNN could fix this so easily but they would rather go down in flames reporting against Trump than survive as a network.


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