CNN: Obama ‘Uniquely Qualified’ To Bring People Together After Dallas (VIDEO)

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CNN is so devoted to Obama, they’re willing to ignore how divisive he has been as a president. They even believe Obama is the one person who can bring the country together, a proposition most Americans would find laughable.

NewsBusters reported:

CNN: Obama ‘Uniquely Qualified…To Bring People Together’ After Dallas

On Tuesday’s CNN Tonight, Mark Preston touted President Obama’s supposed ability to bring people together in the wake of the mass murder of the police officers in Dallas: “He is uniquely qualified right now…to create a legacy for himself…He is uniquely positioned, given the fact of where he came from…the history that he made; and his ability to bring people together.” Preston also predicted, “This could be quite a moment for Barack Obama; and, honestly, probably a moment that this nation needs.”

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Watch the video:

Isn’t it astounding how people in media are still willing to carry Obama’s water?

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