CNN Panel Celebrates Impeachment As Great Day For Democracy, Toobin Says Trump ‘Deserved It’ (VIDEO)

The mask has been completely ripped off of CNN.

After Democrats in the House voted to impeach Trump, a panel including Jake Tapper and Jeffrey Toobin celebrated it as an expression of democracy. Toobin even said Trump deserved it.

These people are horrible, nakedly partisan human beings, who are sustained by nothing more than their hatred of Trump.

News Busters reports:

CNNers Celebrate Impeachment as ‘Great Day’ for ‘Democracy’: Trump ‘Deserved It’

Whether it was repeatedly boasting of how impeachment will be a “stain” on Donald Trump’s legacy or expressing fear about what Trump will do in the future or heralding the exercise as a “great day” for “our constitutional democracy,” CNN couldn’t have been giddier about Wednesday night’s impeachment of President Donald Trump.

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Inside Politics host John King fretted that there’s “almost two Americas, two parties, two views” while “Democrats have the facts on their side about what the President did, what the conduct was” and Republicans have refused to join them.

“However this ends up to the point being, this is history. This is an indelible stain on the record, the legacy of Donald Trump….[W]hat is the first sentence when people talk about Clinton? He was impeached. That will be the case for Donald Trump no matter how this turns out,” he added.

The Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer replied that “[i]t certainly will be a tremendous stain.”…

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This is what Jeff Toobin said:

The President was impeached for one reason: Because he deserved it. Because no president has ever done what he did. No president has betrayed his oath the way this President has by taking taxpayer dollars and using it as a bribe, as an extortion, as a lure to get dirt on his political opponents and no president has ever issued a complete blanket refusal to talk, to produce any documents or any witnesses to a legitimate congressional investigation.

Watch the video:

When it comes to ratings and credibility, CNN is dying a slow death.

They deserve it.


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