CNN Panel Wonders If FOX News Is Really Running The Government (VIDEO)

For eight years under Obama, CNN acted like the palace guards and attacked anyone who questioned anything Obama wanted. In the age of Trump, they’re trying to call FOX News state run media. It’s a classic case of projection. During a recent panel, they even suggested that FOX News is running the government.

News Busters reports:

CNN Media Panel Questions, Frets If Fox News Is Controlling the Government

Deep in the bowels of the internet, you’ll find conspiracy theorists who believe lizards are in control of the government, but on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” you’ll find people who believe the government is run by a Fox. Fox News that is. It has been a growing concern among left-wing media hacks that, since President Trump took office, conservative media now had the access and influence President Obama had gifted to them. And in recent weeks, CNN has been on a crusade of making it seem like it was abnormal…

Sarah Ellison, one of the writers of the Washington Post piece Stelter noted, was on the program and said she and her colleagues were surprised by the access Hannity had. She and Stelter quipped about Trump being one of Hannity’s producers:

“I think it comes to this question, John Avlon, state-run media or media-run state. MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace brought this up the other day, saying there’s always talk about Fox being state-run TV but really is it Fox running the state,” Stelter asked to John Avlon of The Daily Beast.

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Avlon acted like the Obama administration never happened as he righteously proclaimed that nothing like this has ever happened before. “Look, reality check: We’ve never had an administration as close to a partisan media outlet as this one.

Watch the video:

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Why isn’t everyone on the panel wearing tin foil hats?


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