CNN ‘Reporter’ April Ryan Tweets Story About Trump Running A Child-Trafficking Ring

Is there something in the water at CNN? How else can we explain the fact that so many people who work there are absolutely determined to ruin the company’s brand?

April Ryan, who is a CNN reporter in the White House press pool tweeted a story this week with no basis in fact.

FOX News reports:

CNN’s April Ryan slammed for tweeting article about Trump running child-trafficking ring

CNN contributor April Ryan is being criticized for alerting her 336,000 Twitter followers to a story in The Root that asks if the Trump administration is involved in child sex-trafficking.

Among those condemning Ryan for the tweet is first lady Melania Trump’s spokeswoman.

“If you’re a journalist w many followers & a @CNNPolitics contributor…is it ok to retweet any headline you want, regardless of if it’s true?” Stephanie Grisham asked on Twitter. “Remember: ‘The core purpose of a journalist is to research, document, write, & present the news in an honest, ethical, & unbiased way.’”

Here’s the tweet:

Here’s the response from Melania’s spokeswoman:

What is wrong with the people at CNN???



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